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    Manufacturing Cost Reduction

    “We need to cut costs!”

    This is the mantra at just about every food manufacturing company in North America. Anyone can cut costs, but the challenge is: “Where do we cut costs such that we don’t damage our long term situation?”

    We have developed a number of programs that address the balance between short term and long term needs. Our team regularly evaluates the impact of ongoing projects in order to develop programs that are effective. For example, you may need to have someone start work immediately as an Interim Manager. This will enable you to get fast results while you figure out a permanent solution.

    As you know, quick fixes are OK in the short run, but will never be sustainable unless they are balanced with an ongoing Continuous Improvement effort. Many of our clients already have implemented a form of continuous improvement. That said, many improvement initiatives need fine tuning so that they don’t stall.

    Significant cost advantages exist by paying attention to your maintenance work levels and the dependability of your equipment.  Certainly, a lot of maintenance work is getting done, but is it the right work that will ensure a smooth running operation.  Leveraging best practices with our Proactive Maintenance Program helps you manage the work that is needed, versus the work managing you.

    We have experience building new continuous improvement initiatives from scratch as well as accelerating a current system that needs Focused Improvement.

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