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    Asset Lists-An Important First Step

    We have recently encountered a couple of clients that have capable CMMS systems, but do not have an accurate equipment list in them. This was caused by the rush to implement the system, and compounded by a lack of accurate information. One of the clients also had major new equipment recently installed and had not spent the effort required to update the equipment structure in the system.

    An accurate equipment list (structure) is a fundamental building block for using the CMMS and capturing equipment history. Someone in the organization needs to “own” this database information and keep it current. My first choice would be the maintenance planner, but your organization structure may dictate that it be someone else.

    The equipment structure is used as the “home” to write work orders against. That is how history is built. Failure to have an accurate list means that users will charge work requests and work orders to major areas or systems, wrong equipment, and general catchall locations that will obscure the equipment history and, in most cases, make a search impossible.

    Take the time to make sure that your asset database is accurate and that users know how to search properly when generating work requests and orders. It’s the only way you will capture your all-important equipment history.

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