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    Manual of Practice- Is It Worth the Effort?

    A Manual of Practice (MOP) is a document that details the strategies and tactics for getting work accomplished in a business. It is the collection of Standard Operating Procedures that provides details about the flow of work and who is involved. It should contain discussion about underlying philosophies and assumptions, strategies and tactics, flow charts, and roles and responsibilities of personnel involved.

    We recently developed an MOP for the Maintenance Function in a Division of a major food manufacturer. Their purpose in doing this was to align their plants around a common vision of what “good” means. Personnel from all the plants met to review and discuss the draft document that we prepared.

    The result was two days of discussion and sharing of practices. The learning that went on was tremendous because of the atmosphere of excitement in the group about what the best practices are and how to get there. By the way, we also finalized their MOP.

    We asked the group at the end if it had been worth the effort and expense. There was universal agreement that this was something they should have done a long time ago!

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