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    Will A New CMMS Solve Your Problems?

    Are you considering buying a new CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) to help you “get organized”?
    I have some bad news for you. If you are not already “organized”, a new system will just help you do all the wrong things a lot faster. It can’t help you, in and of itself, do things better.
    A CMMS [...]

    Minor Stoppages-A Significant OEE Reducer?

    Minor stoppages are one of the most insidious reducers of OEE on the production floor. The main reason for this is that the people who know the most about them, operators, often consider them as “normal” operating conditions. Thus they are not discussed as problems when line performance is reviewed.
    Identifying these small events can be [...]

    Sanitation and Maintenance; Different Sides of the Same Coin

    Equipment sanitation and maintenance may appear to be very different functions, but when we think about their roles in the production picture, it is apparent that they should be managed in much the same way;
    1) They both require equipment downtime to accomplish the bulk of the work
    2) The tasks should be planned and scheduled well [...]

    When The Economy Improves; Are You Ready For A Retirement Exodus?

    Nearly all of the food manufacturing plants I have visited in the last year or more recognize that they have an aging workforce. They also have a list that identifies employees that they expect to retire in the near future. These are generally, of course, very skilled and very knowledgeable people. The exact kind you [...]