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    Equipment Criticality- Why It Is Important

    Criticality Analysis is probably one of the least understood tools available to help manage maintenance efforts.
    Many people have suggested to me something like “since any of the equipment components of my line will shut the line down, they all must be critical!”. Sorry, not so!
    Criticality is a function of several different attributes and among those [...]

    Is Your Maintenance Effort Becoming More Proactive?

    The desire to move to a more proactive maintenance function, and away from a reactive one, is nearly universal. But how do you know if it’s really happening?
    Our experience is that the most objective measure to track is man-hours spent on proactive work as a percentage of the total man-hours worked by the group. 
    What is [...]

    Don’t Allow Service Levels To Suffer During Cost Cutting.

    Food manufacturing companies that intend to remain competitive understand that the most important factor is their ability to service customers. A lot of emphasis in recent years has been on cost cutting and doing more with less. Keep your efforts focused on this while at the same time building effectiveness.
    We often see service levels diminish [...]