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    Equipment Bill Of Materials=Improved Maintenance Effectiveness

    A Bill Of Materials (BOM) is a listing of component parts for a piece of equipment. In the CMMS system it is kept as part of the equipment file. An accurate BOM has two main uses in the maintenance function:

    It is used by maintenance planners to aid in identifying parts required and in knowing if [...]

    Reliability Demands Schedule Coordination Between Maintenance and Sanitation

    When working inside manufacturing plants, we often find evidence that maintenance and sanitation groups perform their work in isolation. Some of this evidence includes:

    Lubrication points that are extremely clean
    Equipment guards off at start-up time
    Maintenance techs complaining that “sanitation chased us off the job”
    Equipment partially disassembled, but not cleaned
    Equipment disassembled and cleaned but not reassembled
    And on [...]

    Interim Leadership: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

    We encounter many manufacturing organizations that have vacancies in key positions for months while searching for the right person to permanently fill the job. Whether the vacancy is in operations, maintenance, quality control, or others, having a leadership position vacant often results in a performance downturn.
    We see a trend towards filling these openings on a temporary basis [...]

    Maintenance Council: Do We Need One?

    In almost all of the multi-plant systems we encounter, there are always “good” performing plants and “poor” performing plants and everything in between. One way this lack of consistency manifests itself is in the area of “best practices”. 
    Typically, every plant will have practices or processes established that can be considered as best practices for the [...]

    Do People In Your Organization Know What Is Expected Of Them?

    Organizations tend to grow and change in an evolutionary manner over time, rather than by deliberate, planned redesign. The responsibilities and expectations of the people, as well as the skills needed to perform the work tend to alter in the same way.
    Establishing and communicating the roles of personnel, and the skills needed to accomplish the [...]

    Organizational Structure Is Critical To Maintenance Success

    Becoming successful in improving uptime and reducing asset care costs is not just about improving the technical capabilities in the plant. We frequently encounter organizations that have good routine maintenance plans and understand planning and scheduling, but can’t move from reactive to proactive because they can’t get their planned work accomplished.
    What we hear from Maintenance [...]