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    Operators: The Eyes and Ears of Asset Care

    Early warning about equipment issues can save a lot of time and money. Diagnosing and making repairs prior to equipment failure can make it possible to plan the work in advance and be ready to make the repair when the right people and materials are available. In addition, potential collateral damage can be avoided.
    Paying attention [...]

    Improving Preventive Routines

    It is axiomatic that nearly all (I would guess at 99%) of the preventive maintenance work plans can be improved. We rarely have planners, supervisors, or technicians tell us that “this PM is perfect”. It is important that maintenance organizations place themselves in the mode of continuous improvement for PM routines to drive equipment  reliability.
    Improvement [...]

    How Much Of Your Maintenance Work Is Planned?

    When we think about equipment maintenance work, we often think of it as either planned or unplanned. Planned means that someone has thought about the scope of work to be done, the skills needed, and the parts, tools, and materials needed to accomplish the work.
    Let’s think about an “emergency” or reactive work situation. A technician [...]

    Is Your CMMS Your Most Underutilized Tool?

    As a leader in the maintenance function, you have many “tools” in your toolbox. Some you think of as skills, like management know-how. Others you think of as processes, the way you run your business. One of the most important tools at your disposal is your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). Yet we find, more [...]

    Minor Stops- Do You Know If You Have A Problem?

    Many plants lose 10% to 15% of their productive capacity to minor stoppages. These are events that last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or so and often are recurring. The causes for the downtime can range from minor maintenance issues to adjustments to materials variation and on and on. These minor stoppages are difficult [...]

    Who Owns the Plant Equipment?

    We have heard many answers to this question. The most common responses name the Maintenance or Production Manager as the “owner” with the other group providing operational or maintenance services to the equipment.
    In truth, Maintenance, Production, Engineering, and Sanitation groups all have legitimate need to have access to and control of the equipment at various [...]

    Manual of Practice- Is It Worth the Effort?

    A Manual of Practice (MOP) is a document that details the strategies and tactics for getting work accomplished in a business. It is the collection of Standard Operating Procedures that provides details about the flow of work and who is involved. It should contain discussion about underlying philosophies and assumptions, strategies and tactics, flow charts, and roles [...]

    Assessment: From Strategy to Action in One Week

    In February we conducted an assessment at a large food manufacturing facility in Texas. The purpose was to identify strategies and tactics to improve equipment OEE on several filling and packaging lines. The assessment took one week and involved formal interviews, performance data gathering, time on the plant floor watching the operation, and casual interviews [...]

    Lean: Proven Techniques or Half Baked “Baloney”

    Lean: Proven Techniques or Half Baked Bologna
    Creating the True Learning Organization