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    Sustainability and Maintenance

    In the last few years, Sustainability has become a key issue in the food industry. It has grown as more and more people have understood that it is also a very profitable way to run a business. I have been asked several times how the maintenance function can contribute to sustainability.
    The biggest contribution is that [...]

    Measuring Operations Success: Line Efficiency?

    In our experience, most production plants measure some form of theoretical efficiency to measure success of a product line. Many, if not most, of the plants that claim to be measuring OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), are, in fact, measuring some form of efficiency. This is generally because measuring OEE requires far more rigor and precision [...]

    Hurry Up and Wait

    I would be surprised if folks in operations have NOT heard the old story about filling a 5 pound bag of potatoes with 10 pounds of potatoes always results in mashed potatoes.
    And I would bet that most operations people understand that releasing more work into production than what is coming out will, invariably, lead to [...]